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A deep dive into modern masculinity that is equal parts brave and hilarious. Watch Jonny Griffiths discuss what it means to be a man in the 21st century, the good, the bad and the toxic. From alpha males to gay stereotyping, this discussion aims to open the conversation on the way we define masculinity and the pressures men face to conform.

*CW: eating disorders, mental health, sexual violence, body image, suicide* *Strong language advisory*

Biceps and body image 

LGBT violence:

Non heterosexual mental health data:

Elsevier article:,status%20of%20'real'%20manhood.

Masculinity and violence:


Recommended reading/mentioned books: 

'Women don’t owe you pretty' by Florentine Given

'Boys will be Boys' by Clementine ford

'The male survivor: the impact of sexual abuse' by Matthew Medel

'The dictionary of feminist theory' by Maggie Humm


Video reference:


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