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Integrating Renewables into the UK’s Energy System: Not As Easy As We Want

KF - Writer Recently, young Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg was announced as Time magazine’s ‘Person of the Year 2019’. Those familiar with her will know that she began the school strike for climate movement, which sees people skip school and work on Fridays to protest government inaction on climate change. With such a monumental recognition of her efforts, it seems strange that such grand rewards are given to those supporting causes making such limited progress. This seems equivalent to celebrating the doctors who discovered cancer… and then doing nothing to cure or prevent the disease. So why is the solution- to decarbonise our lives and switch to a clean, green future- not as easy as it seems? What are the roadblocks facing our electric vehicles? First and foremost is the term every year 9 geography student must eagerly cram into their exam papers: NIMBYism. This refers to the phrase Not In My Back Yard, which is very self-explanatory and a hugely eye-opening part

Forgiveness at Christmas - Analysis of The Grinch & A Christmas Carol

Sophie Bond - Writer It is no surprise that Christmas is a time for love and forgiveness: definitely not about the presents. There seems to be a common theme in a lot of the classic Christmas films with someone who is against the concept of christmas. Two prominent stories that come to mind featuring this theme are ‘The Grinch’ and ‘A Christmas Carol’. These are feature a man (or grinch) who has a passionate hatred for christmas. But, of course, it always ends with the villainous character having a change of heart and experiencing emotions they have supposedly never felt before. The Grinch (which is obviously the best christmas film of all time) relates to A Christmas Carol heavily because their reasons for hating the season both originate in heart break. In the classic 2000 film, The Grinch suffered a heart break when he was a little boy, over a Christmas ornament he made for the love of his life; ever since that day he never celebrated Christmas again. However, the seeds of Sc