Who are we?

InTuition began as a passion project by Cardiff University Law student Daniel Priestley in February 2019. The idea was to provide a space for undergraduate students to publish their writing and expand their CVs. Daniel grew InTuition into the format we know and love and after his graduation in July 2020 he stepped down as Chief Editor, a role taken over by a University of East Anglia Environmental Science student.

Since our beginning a huge variety of students from different degrees and universities have written for the project, with many writing regular articles from universities across the UK. InTuition's style of casual and academic writing provides a wide scope for students to practise the style of writing that will benefit them in their specific career aspirations. Covering everything from philosophical arguments to film reviews, InTuition exists as a platform for undergraduate students to showcase their knowledge for future employers. 

In 2020, InTuition began its own YouTube channel as we recognised this is an important and rapidly growing form of media for students. We look forward to seeing the channel grow with increasing content!

Want to get involved?

If you are a current undergraduate student or have graduated in the last 6 months and are interested in writing or creating Youtube content for InTuition then get in touch. You can email us at intuitionblogs@gmail.com and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

What do we want?

We want original articles, interviews or even university essays you're really proud of! We also want content in the form of YouTube videos, filmed with a good quality camera (a good iPhone camera is fine!) and clear audio. 

Our Wider Interest section covers everything from film reviews to tips for surviving at university. These types of articles don't need to be referenced unless specific studies/reports have been referenced.  

Academic style articles/essays will go under our Academic section and we ask that these be referenced as either a list of weblinks or your preferred style of academic referencing (not footnotes as these do not format well on the page).

All images used must be copyright free and must be referenced, although this can be a weblink. You don't need to include images, we can always add them in for you if needed. 

InTuition does not claim to own any of the images used on the site, references for ownership are always provided or sourced from copyright free material.

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