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A Brief Overview of Marxian Economics and its Merits

By Matthew Hodder Many people are familiar with the famous socialist teachings of Marx and Engels in ‘The Communist Manifesto’, foretelling the fall of capitalism and the emergence of a new, Socialist mode of society that will eventually give way to a communist society. Underpinning this new organisation of society, found in ‘Das Kapital’, is an alternative source of economic thought that differs slightly from the classical economic thought at the time as provided by the likes of Adam Smith, David Ricardo, and Thomas Robert Malthus. In this article, we will use Barber’s account to lay out a basic outline of Marxian economics and then we shall evaluate its merits over time.  The historical context in which ‘Das Kapital’ emerged featured heavy industrialisation which Barber (1967, p.117) says “would have astonished… Smith”. Unfortunately, accompanying the huge rise in factories and industry were appalling conditions for the working class. Long workdays and dangerous conditions l

The Return of the S**t - Has Star Wars run its course?

Niamh Brook - Writer Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love Disney. Originally starting with the animated classics, my love for the company grew as I discovered the likes of Marvel and Lucasfilm as I got older. Over the years, The Walt Disney Company has become a cornerstone of animation and has released a plethora of animated classics that have been renowned by audiences and critics alike. Without any doubt, Disney is a major part of people's lives, be it a child or adult. However, in the past decade Disney’s empire has grown tenfold. The expansion of its other studios have sky-rocketed in the past decade.  Both Lucasfilm and Marvel have become cultural phenomenons, arguably changing the worlds viewpoints on the idea of “geek culture”. These 10 years have changed the game of entertainment. Once three cult films from the 70’s and three questionable early 00’s prequels, Star Wars is now a billion dollar industry with a new Star Wars film coming out nearly every year and

No Trial, No Time Limit – End Indefinite Detention in the UK

Lani Bond - Writer “In prison you count your days down…in detention, you count your days up.” Emotions around the country are mixed, but now it is proving increasingly more important to support people whose voices are being lost. Indefinite Immigration Detention in the UK is an issue that has been muffled out in the past– change is on the horizon, but more need to know. What is immigration detention? Immigration detention is a government policy that detains people who are believed not to have a legal status to remain in the UK, or if their right to remain has expired. In the UK, 28,000 people are detained each year, with up to 3,000 in detention at any point. Immigration regulation is necessary for the country to sustain its control of the borders, however immigration detention policies in the UK are breaching human rights. The UK is the only country in Europe that does not have a time limit on detention. There is no trial, and whilst the Home Office investigates their cases,