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Views on Immigration: Fact or Fear?

Lani Bond- Writer Recent news has reignited debates on immigration policies in the UK. Through the mist of pandemic coverage, updates of more people arriving on boats across the Channel re-sparked some buried, divided sentiments about immigration, once prominent in Brexit discussions. The sense of community established through lockdown campaigns, clapping for our NHS and volunteer schemes has been refreshing in our politically divided times, but hate crimes are feared to increase against minority groups. Although one of the British Values is ‘tolerance’, it appears that ‘acceptance’ is more of a push. With 53% of Britons (in a 2019 survey) stating that they have a lot of sympathy with the people risking their lives to cross the Channel compared to 43% saying they have none, it is important to ask, why is public opinion on this issue so divided? Furthermore, what causes hostile reactions from parts of the British population?  Psychology of fear Fear can be a natural reaction to change

Why You Should Go Vegan (Not Really)

 Kayle Becker- Guest Writer Adopting a single healthy habit into your daily routine, or engaging in a complete overhaul, can profoundly impact countless aspects of your life. Oftentimes, skills learned while developing new habits can be used in unexpected ways; whether in school, work, or accomplishing personal goals.  One habit which proves to be worthwhile, time and time again, is adopting a healthy eating and fitness plan. A daunting feat, for sure, and something most everyone, and their mom, committed to at one point or another; only to abandon it in short order, for a slurry of reasons/excuses. Sticking to an eating plan and/or following a workout schedule develops self discipline and creativity, however, in addition to the added health benefits! Further, these habits can be harvested and used in other areas of your life, propelling you towards achieving your long term goals. Navigating an effective path towards self discipline is tough, for sure! A blanket statement of a goal (pe

Captain Feminism: Marvel's attempt at female empowerment

Niamh Brook- Writer  Without a doubt, Marvel is one of the biggest things to happen to modern cinema. Gone are the days of stand alone movies, we now live in the age of poorly crafted franchise starters rather than a film in its own right. Studios have tried and somewhat failed to walk in Marvel’s franchise footsteps, with even the new ‘Scoob!’ film being linked to the beginning of a franchise.  Even Disney, the company who owns Marvel, tried to emulate Marvel’s success with one of its other acquired properties,‘Star Wars’, and the result ( as we all know ) was disastrous! So, this opens the question “ What makes Marvel work? ” For me, the answer will always be the characters and in particular, the film’s protagonists. Marvel has always taken time to craft stories where even if the overall plot is weak and the villain is shit (which let’s be honest is nearly all Marvel films) you spend two hours learning to love and understand the leading man, through one of many quips, powerful speech

Streets as Galleries

Alison Romaine- Writer While zoom has made our virtual interactions hyperglobal, for many people, geographical mobility has reduced; and hence the relationship with our neighbourhood has been quietly reimagined. With creative establishments closed leaving ‘lonely’ artworks unreachable, our streets have become local galleries; pavements scribbled in brief chalky messages and windows doubling as display cases for residents to curate; communicate and feel part of a movement. Such homemade exhibitions have been mirrored on social media with instagram pages coloured with lockdown creations as it evolves into a platform for digital activism to double click into - reshaping the way we make and access art.  It is not new to question the accessibility of ‘traditional’ art spaces - Keith Haring prolifically plastered his drawings over blank advert space in New York’s subway during the city’s 1980s recession so people could simply ‘stumble upon’ his work without needing to divert into a museum. H

Lockdown- how has it affected the music industry?

Joe Goodlad- Guest Writer Originally a summer reserved for the usual range of enticing and lively music festivals across the UK, this year artists and bands have been forced to find new ways to connect with their fans, as all live music performance has been postponed due to the current global pandemic. Although tours have been cut short and concerts rescheduled, music creators and performers have found new ways to provide the soundtrack to what has been a difficult time for everyone. For more casual musicians and players, it has given them time to learn a new technique or even a brand-new instrument. What’s more, ‘socially distanced’ videos have seen musicians unite globally from their own homes to create some fantastic music videos such as Captain Tom Moore’s cover of Gerry and the Pacemakers’ ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. Having recently received a letter from the Queen, he became the oldest person ever to top the UK Charts as he collaborated with the singer Michael Ball and other music