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This selection of formal articles dives deeper into unique subjects that our writers have a particular passion for. They can even be adapted from essays students have previously submitted for their course. 

This section covers our opinion pieces, personal stories and advise style articles. Enjoy the informal style and personal touch of our writers.

Climate Change
From countering the arguments of Jordan Peterson, discussing emerging new technologies and debating the effect of the Extinction Rebellion protests, the writers of InTuition have written some fascinating articles about climate change.

New technologies are changing the world; the way we communicate, do business, run our offices and design our cities are all rapidly changing as technology emerges. Read how here. 

TV & Film
Disney, Netflix and Doctor Who. Read about ethics, animation, feminism, the Oscars and Charlie Chaplin in our wide range of articles discussing TV & Film.

Politics and Democracy
We have never lived in more turbulent political times. Read about how our democracy has been pushed to its limits, how it is being reformed and how we can start to fix it.

Covering all things physical and mental health, from medicine to mindfulness.

You can't understand where we're going until you know where we've been. Read InTuition's articles discussing history here.

Current Affairs
Strikes, immigration, fat shaming, coronavirus, cancel culture and much more. Current affairs has always been a broad topic and these articles reflect that.

Law & Justice
Law is absolutely fundamental to the fabric of our society. Read our writers' discussions about the role of law in society and how it is evolving.

Read how our writers pull apart literature and show how the issues in even ancient texts are relevant today.

Natural World covers all things nature, ecology and our relationship with the animals who inhabit this planet.
From race relations to the role of euthanasia in our culture, society is a broad topic that covers everything to do with people and the cultures they are emerged in.

Feminism & Gender
Click here to read about issues surrounding gender and feminism. 

Philosophy and Economics
Read philosophical economics debates including Marxist economics, population grown and pro-intersectional veganism.

General Election 2019
Read our writers discuss the most important issues in the 2019 General Election to try and focus on policy rather than personality.

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