Retired Writers

Click these links to see articles written by old writers for the blog:

Baker writes about issues of human rights applying them to issues such as assisted suicide, freedom of religion and the Shamima Begum case.

White discusses the ongoing emergence of cancel culture and whether it is toxic or justifiable and also discusses what it means to be mixed race in the UK.

Parsons discusses contemporary issues surrounding the legal system including the effect of technology, no fault divorce and the "prevent strategy." She also had written about invisible disabilities and extinction rebellion.

Tomlinson discusses issues of constitutional law and the European Union. 

Turner writes about climate change and how it affect coral reefs and issues of feminism and gender performativity.

Bond has written about many issues surrounding the topic of english language include african american vernacular english, the brummie accent, language acquisition and language decay. She has also written articles discussing mental health, schooling and fat shaming.


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