Happy 2nd Birthday InTuition!

 KF- Writer and Chief Editor

In a year quite unlike any other, InTuition is turning 2! I would like to thank all of our writers and readers for continuing to support us- without you we could not continue.

Since our first birthday a lot has changed. We've had many new writers, even a new Editor, had a couple of facelifts and found our new style. We've introduced our YouTube Channel, launched InTuition Revisited and we've begun our first collaborative article series with a university society. 

We've split the blog into two main themes, starting a Wider Interest section to go alongside our classic Academic content. We've added new categories like Society, Health, Natural World and University to better accommodate the amazing range of articles we publish. 

We're excited to see what the future holds, but for now here's a look at some of our favourite articles from our second year:

Drag: Theatrical Queer Performance Against Marginalisation in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries  

by Niamh Dann

The Philosophy of VAR 

By Morgan Wellington

Infectious Apocalypse- What video games can teach us about real life diseases 

By Jonny Griffiths

Streets as Galleries 

By Alison Romaine

Masculinity (YouTube Video) 

By Jonny Griffiths

“Close the Tab” - Why the Tab Represents the Worst of Student Media 

By Daniel Priestley

Pro-Intersectional Veganism and Rejecting Anonymous for the Voiceless 

By Zoe Smith

What is Environmental Racism? 

By Keziah Flack

A Year on From Being Diagnosed with A Brain Tumour: What I Have Learned 

By Cameron Jones


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